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By- Manjot Kaur

On 13th March, 9:16 in the night I got a notification on my WhatsApp. I opened, and that was an official notice from my university which states that classes will remain shut to prevent coronavirus spread. And the Government announced a complete lockdown till further orders.

That’s sad, so many days at home…what I will do? I will be bored. I wanted to meet my friends. After reading that, all thoughts started flooding in my mind.

But I knew it was necessary if we have to deal with this challenging time. India has the world’s second-biggest population with 1.3 billion people. And it’s more densely packed, raising the risk of rapid transmission of the virus. And if we do not take immediate action the situation can be worse.

This term is popping up a lot nowadays. And this means, during high-risk times, isolating yourself from the public. It is useful in moments of public health emergencies to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.


Hmmm…that’s why I, you…we are ‘Quarantine’. We all are in the same situation.

You wanna go out? Did the coronavirus crisis force you to stay home?

I know you would just like to go out explore the world, travel, and be free.

But no worries, there will be time for that when all this is over.

Until then, we have to stick together and make our lives a little more meaningful.

And thank god, at least we have the internet, with which we can use great online tools. If this COVID-19 crisis had happened 10 or 15 years ago when the internet was not an affordable tool for the masses. Then the situation would be much different.

Anyway, as we are living in 2020, we can utilize it in the best way possible to do productive things in quarantine.

Here are some suggestions which you and I can choose to make our days at home fun and meaningful.

Let’s start,

# Clean and organize your space

When the world outside feels out of control, focus on the things we can control. And we can control how our space feels. If our space feels tidy and fresh, our mind will feel calmer as well.

# Meditate

The best thing we can do to calm your mind and anxiety is to meditate. Even if the outside world is crazy, we can work to stay grounded and peaceful in our inner world. We can start by simply closing our eyes for 5 minutes.

# Exercise or do Yoga at Home

As you can’t go to the gym, find a new exercise routine at home that’s fun to do.We can also do yoga which will help us to relax our mind and body.

# Learning new skills

Like we can learn any programming language, coding, editing, marketing, according to our interest. For that we can choose various online courses.

Woah! While writing this, on my laptop I am getting pictures from my friend.The thing which was already in my mind has been catched by my friend.

She is making Mexican burritos.

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# Trying new recipes and making something delicious to eat is a good idea. Now, we have ample of time to learn cooking and to show our MasterChef skills to our family.

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Isn’t it looking so tempting and mouth watering.

Dalgona coffee is also ruling over social media within weeks of its origin. All over social media people are taking the dalgona coffee challenge and posting their creations.

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Why not we also try this and challenge our friends, it will be quite fun.

I started scrolling my Instagram feed and saw my cousin’s story. As she is a bibliophile, She is reading The Roy Grace series written by Peter James, who is a UK No.1 bestselling author, best known for writing crime and thriller novels.

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# It’s a good idea to just Get lost in a good book. It could be something practical or something entirely impractical or imaginary. Just enjoy it. If you’re feeling bored stuck at home, find something to read that you’re curious about. It will lead you somewhere unexpected.

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Now it’s time to watch some feel good series… for me its FRIENDS.

What’s yours?

# Watch something that makes you laugh or feel good. You can choose your best watch on Netflix, amazon prime.

# Get creative

Is there a new hobby that you always wanted to pick up, but didn’t have the time for? Or an old hobby wants to rekindle? You can dedicate some of your staycations to exploring a hobby at home. A hobby that makes you come alive. Hobbies are usually pushed to the bottom of our priority list, but they actually do so much for our happiness!

Arrange your days, set weekly and monthly goals so you can keep track of your activities. And we feel a sense of purpose when we set goals and work towards achieving them. Like a 30-day yoga challenge, plan to learn basic French in a month, etc.

So, that’s all we can do to make our quarantine days better at home.

By the way have you noticed some changes in our surroundings during this lockdown?

How the sky has turned blue…How the air has become cleaner and fresh…When you look up at the night sky, you can actually see the stars.

In News i read, The air has become so clear that the Himalaya peaks are visible from Jalandhar(Punjab), situated 140 kms away.

While the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, the slowdown in human activity is having some unexpected, but positive impact on our planet. Mother earth has found a way to heal.

In India, ceasing human activity results in a major drop in the number of harmful particles in the air. Reduction in pollution levels. Venice has dolphins playing in their harbors, Rome has swans in their fountains. It’s like a makeover of Mother nature.

This pandemic may be bane for us but it comes out to be boon for the environment. Our planet has shown us what a difference, in a lifestyle change can make even a short amount of time.

Don’t you think every year there should be few days like these one’s?

Our restoration activities are currently constrained, our communion with others is constrained, but outside our windows, there is so much life, color, and beauty which we can explore, listening to the birds chirping, clear blue skies, no pollution, which makes us feel alive. This brings in a lot of positivity, so just consider being around nature and enjoy your lockdown.

“The birds hum

a happy song

Reclaiming lost skies

Where they belong

So much going right

for mother nature

Reinstated partly

To original stature


― Song by- Puja Bhakoo