About Us

Stub-Eco is a company which is primarily based on sustainable use of agricultural resources and bring in technology in agricultural field to raise the living standards of farmers, we are focusing on the reduction of pollution caused by stubble burning and for that we are trying to make a connection between farmers and manufacturers that can potentially make use of stubble for manufacturing and innovating commercial products.

Who are we linked with?

Our Values

MISSION: Our mission is to create a bridge between farmers and manufacturers or other secondary industries that may use non-sellable products of farming like stubble and make innovative commodities from them which reduces the harm they cause to the environment alongside raising the living standards of farmers.

VISION: •To bring Eco friendly products in the market.
                    •To decrease the levels of pollution and smog caused by stubble burning every year.
                    •Get them reasonable price for their resources will be more legitimate.

Our Work

In our world today, plastic has become the villain of the society, plastic plates and plastic glass or other plastic material are either one time use or non recyclable plastics, these materials either increase the size of the waste or get into the water bodies to pollute it and kill aquatic life. Hence, Disposables made using stubble provide an alternative for this problem alongside managing agricultural waste. It is obtained after separating out the fibre from the stubble pieces and then converting and shaping it into a fully biodegradable stuff that don't harm the environment and nature in any way. We have made sure that the products we make are cost effective.




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